Plain Basmati Rice

Steamed Basmati rice.
Pillau Rice

Basmati rice cooked in selected spices.
Lemon Rice

Basmati rice with lemon zest.
Mushroom Rice

Basmati rice cooked with mushrooms
Special Rice

Basmati rice fried with egg, peas and onions
Garlic Rice

Pillau Basmati rice with a touch of garlic.
Vegetable Rice

Basmati rice cooked mixed vegetables.
Coconut Rice

Basmati rice cooked with coconut.
Sundries (Continued)
Plain Nan

Fresh flat bread baked in the Tandoor.
Garlic Nan

Nan with a light coating of Garlic.
Cheese Nan

Nan with a stuffed cheese.
Keema Nan

Nan bread filled with spiced minced lamb.
Peshwari Nan

Nan bread stuffed with coconut and sultanas.

Thin dough bread.
Tandoori Roti

Thin dough bread baked in the Tandoori.
Lacha Paratha

Thick bread with butter baked in clay oven.
Stuffed Paratha

Stuffed with spiced vegetable.

Plain or Cucumber.


Plain or Spicy (Each).

Choose from our selection of chutneys (Each).

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